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Productivity Workshop – Learn to manage your time and energy!

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Do you ever feel you are never able to finish your to do list even though you work such long hours?

Where you work SO HARD but you don’t have the feeling that you are really making much progress in what is really important?

Where you have no energy left anymore at the end of the week so the only thing you can do in the weekends is watching Netflix?

Sounds familiar?

Then join the Productivity Workshop and learn how you can manage your time AND energy! Sign up here:

In this workshop, you will learn how to be highly productive and how to manage your time effectively to achieve your personal and professional goals.

You will learn how to remain balanced and energized throughout the week. You will identify what are your sources of energy and you develop strategies on energy renewal and recovery.

The workshop will include a framework developed and used by McKinsey & Company where they helped thousands of professionals in achieving their ambitions to the fullest.

This workshop includes (but is not limited to):

· Discovering on how to achieve more by doing less

· Learning time management techniques helping you to effectively manage your day

· Identifying your sources of energy and the activities that drain you

· Developing strategies and techniques to renew your energy and highly perform when needed

· Creating an action plan to help you manage your work-life demands

After this workshop you leave with:

· Greater self-awareness

· An expanded repertoire of practices to manage your time and energy

· A concrete learning plan with tailored practices to manage your work-life demands; and,

· Renewed energy to enjoy life where you achieve your ambitions!

For who?

The workshop is suitable for anyone who is seeking support in managing their work-life demands where they can enjoy their days to the fullest and reach their ambitions. Professionals at any stage of their career are welcome.

Your Investment?

The investment of making this positive change in your life is 25 euro. Please pay in cash at the entrance.

How to sign up?

To confirm your seat please register here: .

Workshop Organiser - Eva Bonsel-Graafsma

The workshop is organised by Eva, Founder of Sprout Now. She is an experienced coach, trainer, and people-leader who makes it her mission to empower and guide people on their individual paths to growth. More info at

And last but not least: a big thanks to Healthcare City for providing the space!

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