The (im)perfect world of an UX on Agile

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Don't miss the next exciting PortoUX webinar “The (im)perfect world of an UX on Agile”, on December 10th at 5:30 pm.

João Rui Peixoto and Luís Ferreira, Scrum Master and UX designer at Critical TechWorks will share their experience as members of an Agile Team that works with BMW shopfloor.

The (im)perfect world of a UX on Agile
We will share our experience on an Agile project from the BMW shopfloor, and some stories that could help you in the future because we believe, that we only grow if we share it (and it can be a weiss beer).

João Peixoto
I'm João Peixoto. I used to say that I grew up in Montemor-o-Novo, I studied in Coimbra and I work in Lisbon.
I've been working on software development since 2001. The only 2 projects I did without any defect are my 2 daughters.
Talking about hobbies I love to run and fishing. Traveling is something that makes me feel really good.
In a sentence: "I'm a lucky one".

Luís Ferreira
Hello, my name is Luís Ferreira and I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Aveiro, where I got my Design degree. After that, I went to Barcelona to embrace my first design job; there I experienced some adventures that allowed me to grow more as a person.
After three years, I came back to Portugal, but this time to Lisbon where the sky is a different shade of blue and there is fantastic light to embrace a new professional challenge. And I lived in Porto too, where there’s something in their accent that makes the people sound authentic and raw.
I just love traveling and meeting new people; one of my favorite hobbies is sitting in a pub and observing people, what they do, how they react. To sum up, that's also the ingredient that makes me love photography.
Details are very important to me, that's what makes the difference in life.


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