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This group offers an exchange of ideas, examples, support & answers regarding WordPress.

Discussion will focus on:

Using WordPress for blogging

WordPress as a content management system

Theme design and creation

Plugin development

Customization and implementations

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DC: August WordPress Meetup - Leveling Up


For our August meetup we'll have Lauren LeMunyan speaking in a talk titled: Level Up to Your Vision of Success -- Burnout, under-charging, over-servicing, confusion, frustration, anxiety, withdrawal - these are just a few symptoms running rampant in the coding, design and engineering world, making it next to impossible to be creative, innovative and focused. Find out what may be holding you back and learn the tools that can help you unlock your potential and reprogram your internal code of success and motivation. In this mini-workshop certified executive and business coach, Lauren LeMunyan PCC, will walk you through the key questions that will provide insight to your true vision of success in your professional and personal life. -- Lauren LeMunyan, Founder and Executive Coach, The SpitFire Coach Lauren LeMunyan PCC aka “the Spitfire Coach” – is a certified Business and Executive Coach with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. Lauren is the author of the book “Spitting Fire: Your Guide to Reignite Your Passion at Home, Work and Beyond”, host of The SpitFire podcast and facilitator of The SpitFire Group Coaching Circle for Small Business Owners. Lauren has over 1200 certified coaching hours working with over 200 clients in tech, design, start ups, real estate, oil and gas, and entertainment. When she’s not coaching, blogging or podcasting, you can find Lauren throughout the DC Metro area rapping in a Bluegrass Americana band as JRSY FRSH. -- As always, food and drink will be sponsored by U.Group (formerly known as CHIEF). See their website at https://u.group/ We rely on accurate RSVP counts to estimate how much food and drink to purchase for the event. If you realize you can't make it, please update your RSVP as soon as possible. -- Please make a good faith effort to arrive at the meetup before 7 PM. The doors to the building lock after 7 PM and you may need to wait outside for a time to be escorted up to U.Group's DuPont Circle office.

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DC: July WordPress Meetup - Choosing Plugins

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