Past Meetup

The September Fairfield County Pug Meetup


Hi everyone!

I choose a Saturday meetup for September because I am unable to do a Sunday. I hope the schedule change this month works for everyone.

We are meeting at the pavilion that is set back in the park located near the bathroom facilities. It can be reached from the far end of the parking lot over the metal grate bridge and up the hill. If there is an event being held at the pavilion by another group then we will meetup at the house located in the park. This location we used in the winter months. If you have any questions please let me know. We love and respect all dogs, but we ask that you do not bring large breed dogs to the pug meetups. Please remember, the pug meetups are for pugs and their


Also, check the website before the meetup in case we have to reschedule due to

bad weather.



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