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AWS User Group Meetups are free events that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS and in general cloud computing.
Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you will learn something new at this AWS Meetup. This Meetup group is designed to educate you about the AWS products, services, and solutions in the cloud and help you develop the skills to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications.

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AWS Networking Workshop [Full Day]

Cuelogic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

****THIS IS A FREE EVENT**** Abstract: Get deep dive into AWS Networking with hands-on labs in this workshop. You’ll learn from building the basic to advance architectures using services like Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) , AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Site-to-Site VPN, Amazon Route 53 Resolver , AWS Direct connect, AWS CloudFormation , AWS Privatelink, etc. The objective is to enable participants as developers, infrastructure engineers new to AWS Networking, get a strong foundation as they develop and innovate on platform. It also offers deep dives for experienced AWS architects to learn best practices on building architectures on AWS platform. Application - Technical Description: When building a multi-VPC and/or multi-account architecture, there are several services that we need to consider to provide seamless integration between our AWS environment and the existing infrastructure in our datacenter. As a foundation we need to provide robust connectivity and routing between the datacenter and all of the VPCs, but we also need to provide and control routing between those VPCs. Pre-requisites: AWS Account: In order to complete this workshop you'll need an AWS Account with access to create AWS VPC, and other resources. Working knowledge of Networking and basics AWS Networking workshop. Agenda: SESSION 1 : Exploring the AWS Global Network The AWS Global Network provides a secure, highly available, and high- performance infrastructure for customers. In this session, we walk through the architecture of various parts of the AWS network such as Availability Zones, AWS Regions, our Global Network connecting AWS Regions to each other and our Edge Network which provides Internet connectivity. We explain how AWS services such as AWS Direct Connect and Amazon CloudFront integrate with our Global Network to provide the best experience for our customers. We also dive into how the AWS Global Network connects to the rest of the Internet through peering at a global scale. SESSION 2 (with Lab) :Your Virtual Data Canter: VPC Fundamentals and Connectivity Options We walk through the fundamentals of Amazon VPC. First, we cover build-out and design fundamentals for VPCs, including picking your IP space, subnetting, routing, security, NAT, and much more. We then transition to different approaches and use cases for optionally connecting your VPC to your physical data center with VPN or AWS Direct Connect. SESSION 3 (with Lab) :AWS VPN Solutions Many enterprises on their journey to the cloud require consistent and highly secure connectivity among their existing data center, their staff, and AWS environments. In this session, we walk through the different architecture options for establishing this connectivity using AWS VPN solutions. With each option, we evaluate the considerations and discuss risk, performance, high availability, encryption, and cost. SESSION 4 :AWS Direct Connect: Deep Dive AWS Direct Connect provides a more consistent network experience for accessing your AWS resources, typically with greater bandwidth and reduced network costs. This session dives deep into the features of AWS Direct Connect, including public and private virtual Interfaces, Direct Connect Gateway, global access, local preference communities, and more. SESSION 5 (with Lab) :Introduction to AWS Transit Gateway How AWS Transit Gateway significantly simplifies management and reduces operational costs with a hub and spoke architecture. Shows reference architectures using firewalls, and direct connect gateways to solve problems of many VPCs SESSION 6: AWS Elastic Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing (ALB & NLB) automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances for fault tolerance and load distribution. In this session, we go into detail on ELB configuration and day-to-day management. We also discuss its use with Auto Scaling, and we explain how to make decisions about the service and share best practices.

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AWS Community Day Pune 2020

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