*ALERT Puppies just went on sale*

K9 Cuisine-N-More is again selling puppies despite our requests to only hold adoption events. We held a “warning” protest in September after they started selling puppies again. We stated we will protest and launch a campaign if they continued to sell puppies. They currently have labs for sale. Please join us to say no to new puppy stores!

Signs: We have plenty of signs.

Parking: Please call for parking information 734-718-7100.

Contact: Pam Sordyl 734-718-7100

6/21/13 Letter Sent:

It appears you are selling more litters of puppies right now. Although you stated you are helping a friend, unfortunately regularly selling intact animals works against community adoption programs. Therefore, my organization, Puppy Mill Awareness is requesting you only host adoption events using non-profit organizations to manage the placements of homeless animals.

In addition to contributing to the county’s pet over population problem, the source of your puppies are also concerning. You stated that Rooster Ranch was your primary puppy supplier. Sanilac County records show that this licensed kennel housed or could house 40 dogs in 2009. This is a large facility and is not licensed by the USDA. The USDA requires facilities selling wholesale to be licensed and inspected. In addition, reputable breed clubs have Codes of Ethics that prohibit them from selling wholesale which is not uncommon. Reputable breeders like to interview purchasers themselves and will always take the dog back into their care if the family can no longer keep the animal. Reputable breeders normally have waiting lists and never surpluses.

I am resending an invitation to the Puppy Friendly Pet Store program. By joining this program, you would be the first store in Michigan to stop selling puppies. Nearly 100 supply only stores have taken the pledge and the public is responding to this campaign.