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Members and concern citizens are invited to join our Saturday protests at Westland Dog Food Company beginning in January.

Join our sustained boycott of the Westland Dog Food Co puppy store who continues to work with brokers and mass-producing commercial breeders whom the USDA has cited for violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

We have been reaching out to the store owners since July with letters and initiations to stop selling puppies with no response. We are offering to help the store transition to a pet-friendly business model and will promote them as the first store in Michigan to go humane.

You can follow our campaign online under the Meetup Discussions (http://www.meetup.com/puppymillawareness/messages/boards/thread/13897721).

Time: Please join us from 12-2:30!

Parking: Park on the dirt road (Huff) across the street.

Crossing: Please use the cross walk at Newburgh

Late Arrivals: If you are late and do not have sign, I may have one with me at the protest.

Signs: We will have some signs to hold. If you wish to make your own sign, here are some suggestions. Remember all signs have to be factual.

"Boycott Westland Dog Food Co"
"Ask about the puppies mothers"
"Westlannd Dog Foof Co = Puppy Mills"
"Go Humane, or get out of Business - Westland Dog Food Co"
“Adopt, Don't Shop"
"Beware of the Pet Store"
"Warning - Sick Puppies"

Contact: Pam[masked]

General Reminders:

1) Do not go into the store, before, during or after the rally. If you choose to protest, you can no longer go into the store to check anything out on any day.

2) Do not walk or park in the plaza lot. We have to stay on public property.

3) Do not stand too close to the entrance.

4) Do not block the view of vehicles pulling out of the plaza.

5) Do not interrupt the flow of traffic. If cars stop, make sure they pull around to our parking area and keep moving.

6) If it looks like rain we will still protests. Most signs are plastic covered and we have plastic bags for signs the public brings out. We will not protest if there is lightening.

7) You may bring your dog, but we do not recommend having animals at rallies that are near traffic and subject to potentially bad weather.

Campaign Timeline:

7/20/11: A formal invitation to stop selling puppies and take the Puppy Friendly Pet Store pledge through the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) initiative was sent. The store did not respond.

8/3/11The formal invitation and pledge form were provided in person to Kim Fourment. The store did not respond.

8/11/11A list of expectations were sent along with an offer to support them during the business transition to adoption events only. No response.

8/15/11Final formal letter sent to Kim Fourment. No response.

8/17/11Press Release issued “Group Asks Pet Store to Adopt Puppy-Friendly Practices. No response.

9/7/11Pilot Protest.

9/11/11 Press Release" Puppy Mill Awareness Launches Puppy Store Campaign in Westland Michigan". No response.

9/17/11Puppy Mill Awareness Day Protest. The store finally responded with a counter protest, but did not show proof that they work with reputable breeders.

12/1/11 Published USDA investigation findings. Three breeders under investigation. Photos released of Bob & Dee Ann Cleveringa’s kennel in 2010.

12/20/11 Store invests in increased advertising.

1/7/12 Kicked off sustained boycott with over 20 protesters. Protests have been scheduled for every Saturday 12-3.

1/7/12 The store owner was presented shocking USDA photos of one of their Iowa breeders who has shipped Golden Retrievers (Bob and Dee Ann Cleveringa (B&D Kennel)) along with a listing of all their breeders including inventory numbers.

1/28/12 Counter protests end after the pet store’s supporter receives a serious ticket.

2/25/12 The store’s PUPPIES banners come down after they were found in violation of the city ordinance.