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What we’re about

This is a group for anyone who would like to enjoy active events with friends new and old, to join in active outdoor social events including nature walks, hikes or snowshoe walks to beautiful places (like mountain lakes), camping, or backpacking, and also to join us for picnics, potluck dinners, and dining out. If there is room to add more members at the time, almost all members who apply for membership are accepted by our membership committee; friendly people of all ages and skill levels are welcome (children are accompanied by parents).

  For each person who RSVP's, the membership committee makes a guess as to whether the group is a good fit for the person. To assist the committee in making these decisions, please include the three parts of the standard profile: Your picture, the list of your meet-up groups, and your interests. If the group gets so large that members are often left out of events due to lack of space to accommodate everyone, we will stop adding members until openings are created by some members dropping out.

Members who RSVP "Yes" to events but find they cannot come should cancel their RSVP 48 hours or more before the event.  Members who fail to do this three times are dropped from membership.

We started this group to make new friends, to enjoy activities with friends new and old, and to be active all year. We welcome event organizers and event suggestions from members; we want to have lots of activities scheduled all year so that everyone can find activities that interest them at times and dates that are convenient for them. Let’s get off the couch and go out and do things together!