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Are you a Wordsmith, a Solver, a Pen Snob, or a Puz-zealot? Is the blank New York Times crossword an object of ruthless territoriality in your household? When Sunday Puzzle is on NPR, do you shush everyone else in the car? Is Jeopardy a more important daily ritual than making your bed? If so, then you will be write at home in PEN, with the rest of us Puzzlers!

We are fans of crosswords, riddles, puns, wordplay, logic/trivia puzzles, and other games that require a sharp mind. Some of our events are competitive, others are collaborative, and all are about having fun with language and cognitive ability.

New games are always welcome at the table! Also, if there is interest among Pioneer Valley Sudo-Pros, we will plan some events devoted to Sudoku and number/math oriented puzzles. If it teases the brain, it's fair game!

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