Separating Data and Logic with Metaclasses • SciPy 2016 Overview

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Please bring a laptop to follow along. Doors open at 5:45, and we’ll have sandwiches before the talks, which will start around 6:30.

Separating Data and Logic with Metaclasses • Franklin Koch

This talk will be based around Properties, an open-source library developed at 3point Science that deals with type checking, validation, and program logic. This library creates a declarative, configurable interface that shifts that focus of your code toward data and away from the underlying logic. In this talk, we will demonstrate exactly what we mean by data and logic, walk through a few of the techniques we use tease these apart, including wrappers, class inheritance, and metaclasses, and explore different benefits that are gained by doing this.

SciPy 2016 Overview • Rowan Cockett

Rowan will discuss his experience at the 15th annual Scientific Computing with Python conference.