Modern Websites with Django and React • @property

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Please bring a laptop to follow along. Doors open at 5:45, and we’ll have sandwiches before the talks, which will start around 6:30.

Modern Websites with Django and React • Andrew Neitsch

Django is the leading Python web framework, but its fundamental purpose of responding to link and button clicks with full HTML web page responses can feel old-fashioned in a world where people expect to make and receive live updates to their web pages. One way to get a modern-style app, using mostly Python and not too much JavaScript, is with React (

This talk will be a mashup of the tutorials from Django (, django-rest-framework (, and React ( You’ll work on a survey app that displays poll updates, including ones from other users, without reloading the page.

@property • Kurt Neufeld

Properties are a core feature of Python that helps you write more maintainable code. Kurt will give a short introduction.