• PyData Berlin October Meetup

    Online event

    Welcome to the October Virtual Meetup The talks will start at 19:00 The link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to all attendees about an hour before the meetup and there will be a YouTube live stream for those not on the zoom call. Talk 1 by Limor Gultchin : Long Story Short: Using BERT for abstractive text summarization on a small, curated corpus Abstract: Machine Learning provides a myriad of exciting new ways to extract and analyze data from the ever growing number of information sources we have today. While the internet indeed provides vast amounts of high-quality data, a lot of information is still enclosed in documents, and PDF documents in particualr. To unlock their potential, OCR and other information retrieval tools already provide a convenient way to extract knowledge from well structured files. An obstacle remains in the realm of tables: the format in which most quantitive information in documents are stored. And tables, while they can be extracted, usually only make sense in the context of their original document. In this talk, I'm going to share my experience working on a project to automatically compose informative table titles, using the powerful NLP model BERT, and connect the task to generative abstractive text summarization, for a specialized domain with limited amounts of data. Bio: Limor is a PhD student in Machine Learning and Causal Inference at the computer science department in the University of Oxford, and at the Alan Turing Institute. Her current research interests are in Causal Inference in the service of Responsible ML, but previously she worked on Natural Language Processing, ML for social science research and computational humor. Limor will be very happy to discuss any of those topics in the Q&A. Talk 2: tba ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NumFOCUS Code of Conduct https://numfocus.org/code-of-conduct Please have a look at the comment section for the short version of our Code of Conduct.