PyData Bratislava Meetup #11 [KiwiSecurity edition]


KiwiSecurity is a company based in Vienna, developing solutions for video analytics. KiwiSecurity’s technology addresses security, as well as business or traffic intelligence, and can be integrated into any existing or new system (e.g. perimeter protection, traffic analysis, behavior analysis). KiwiSecurity’s unique product “KiwiVision Privacy Protector®” makes video surveillance compliant with privacy regulations and is certified with the „European Privacy Seal“.

Event description:

Abstract: Deep learning can help improve significantly object detection applications, by avoiding some of the limitations of classical computer vision algorithms. Real world applications are subject to several constraints about the required speed and hardware, and can present very complex scenes. I will show how KiwiSecurity is dealing with these constraints, how they influence the frameworks and models that we are using and the strategies that we have selected to improve our performances.

Bio: Michelangelo Fiore, Computer Vision Developer at KiwiSecurity for one year. Previously have done PhD studies in Human-Robot Interaction at LAAS/CNRS in Toulouse.


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Language of the event: Python, C, Java, C++ + English

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