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Snake game in 50 minutes

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Roman I. and Paulo G.


It’s the first day of October and we are thrilled to announce our next meetup. This month we will gather together in the Euronext Tech Center Porto. It will happen on Monday, 9 October at 19:00.

We start with a talk from our guest speaker, PotHix from São Paulo. He will have a live coding session to show how to create a snake game with just text editor, PyGame and 50 minutes behind. Speaking while coding is almost as dangerous and socially unacceptable as texting while driving but PotHix already did it in the past using Ruby, Python, and JavaScript and said he is ready for the live snake show. Given the time constraint, he will implement just a simple version of it, without any external asset. The whole idea behind this talk is to feel how a simple game can be made in a small amount of time and to show how fun it is.

Then we’ll have a short coffee-break with beer and snacks. You can ask some questions to our speaker, share some news with your friends or maybe even prepare a last-minute lightning talk.

The second part of the show is our traditional lightning talk session. You have five minutes to present your favorite library, idea, tool or approach which you think others would benefit from. You can speak Portuguese or English. If you wish, you can use slides or run some code right from the console or IPython notebook. Spreading the word is a good opportunity to contribute back to Python community, don’t miss it.

Visit ( to get to know a bit more about our upcoming speaker and a wide range of his interests. Euronext Tech Center is located on Av. da Boavista (Google Maps (

As always, the entrance is free and we warmly welcome everyone, from newcomers to occasional Python writers to hardcode long-bearded seasoned developers.
Euronext Tech Center
Av. da Boavista 3433 · Porto
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