Python for Raspberry PI


Christian Pérez-Llamas ( is going to be the host of the Python for Raspberry PI meetup.


* Introduction to Raspberry PI. Speaker: Jordi Binefa

Brief introduction: the hardware, available distributions, the community, projects, ...

* Manipulating the Raspberry PI GPIO pins with Python. Speaker: Jordi Binefa

Introduction to the GPIO expansion ports and the Python library RPi.GPIO with real in vivo example.

* Home made projects with Raspberry PI and Python:

This is a round of short presentations of different projects by different people. No matter if the project is not finished. It is a good place to expose your project ideas and how Python would be used or could fit in it. It is a good opportunity for getting feedback and find collaborations.

- David: How to set JASS (Just Another Surveillance System) knowing few things of Python

- Petr?: Title?

- Christian Perez-Llamas: 1) Cheap Video surveillance system for my building. 2) Home energy monitoring system.

* Discussion and ideas.