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Algorithms 101 towards Quad Copter Swarm Optimization

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We formed a Python group in North Charlotte using the NextDoor software. Its free. Anyway, we have been slowing moving to Swarm Optimization. This week we did DSF and BSF. In order to even begin DSF, we had to cover Stacks, Set Theory, Graph Theory, Adjacency List, Adjacent Matrix, etc. We used a projector, and step mode debugged line by line until everyone said they understood it or we could move on.

This type of learn python while learning algorithms works. We can do the same for the general python group. We want to do fun stuff and learn. Practical hands-on, everyone learns, everyone has fun!

We want to learn how to control a swarm of quad copters. The end goal here is a group project of python on a single board computer controlling a quad copter. We will install the same swarm software on everone's copter and then let the copters loose under 100% AI control. NO RADIO CONTROL. (maybe a kill switch for safety)

We also started a slack...