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This meetup will reward you for every minute you put into it. Soon, you’ll go beyond merely writing code that runs, you’ll craft high-quality Python code that solves real problems.
First, you’ll discover how to analyze a concept, idea, or problem to implement in software. Then, step by step, you’ll learn to design solutions based on your analyses and implement them as simply and elegantly as possible.

Enhance your skills to create better software architecture.
Perfect for Everyone Who’s Already Started Working with Python.
Understand proven solutions to commonly occurring design issues
Delve into the object-oriented programming concepts and find out how they are used in software applications.

Best for those who want to enhance their python skill novice to expert,
Junior developers who know one or two languages.
Returning professionals who haven’t written code in years.

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Session:2 Google Calendar Architecture & Low level system design By LearnBay.io

System Design (High level and low level design ) & Design Pattern https://www.linkedin.com/events/session2-googlecalendar-lowleve6756979998579576833/ https://www.learnbay.io/system-design-online-course/ https://www.learnbay.io/system-design-and-design-pattern-2/ https://www.learnbay.io/category/software-system-design/ In this course, you will learn system design and design pattern by solving 30+ design pattern implementation & 20+ system design case study. By the end of each course, you would be able to evaluate and assess different system design and design pattern for any open-ended problem and implement a solution based on your design choices. PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE Software development experience grater than or equal to three years. Welcome Get an overview of your program. Meet your instructors and refresh your design skills. Learn the object diagram and sequence diagram to create initial design of a problem and then understand the low level and high level design. Cracking System design ( High level and low level design ) Candidates applying for senior role (SDE II and Above) needs to know the large distributed and scalable software system designs. System design questions have become a standard part of interview at Amazon, Microsoft, Google and top tier e-commerce companies like Flipkart for a senior role. When you enroll for our design pattern training in Bangalore (classroom ) and online, your curriculum will include the all basic and advance topics Cracking Design pattern Design patterns are essential part of any programming and coding interview, no matter whether you are going for Java interview or C++/.net interview. Candidates having IT experience and targeting for tier 1 Product based company need sound knowledge of design patterns apart from Data structures and algorithms skills to do well in their interviews. https://www.learnbay.io/system-design-online-course/

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