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It's with excitement that we announce our 3rd Remote MeetUp with two incredible speakers!

This will be an ONLINE event and we require Zoom registration beforehand.
We will also be broadcasting live to our Twitch channel ( and YouTube ( You should consider subscribing. ;)

Also, if *Lightning Talks* are your gig, please submit yours here and come have some fun with us!

Agenda for tonight:

6:45 pm - Opening / General Python news;
7 pm Track I: Isaac Evans - Good to the last drop: Writing robust Flask and Django Apps
8 pm - Track II: Stephen Finucane - A documentation-driven approach to building APIs using Django REST Framework and OpenAPI
8:40 pm - Q&A - track II;
8:45 pm - Lightning Talks;
9 pm - If no further, closing.


- Isaac Evans is the leader of r2c, a small startup working on giving security tools directly to developers. Previously, he conducted research into binary exploitation bypasses for techniques like control-flow integrity and novel hardware defences on new architectures like RISC-V as a researcher at the US Defense Department under an SFS program and at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Isaac received his BS/MS degrees in EECS from MIT. Other interests include next-generation programming languages, secure-by-design frameworks, software-defined radio, and the intersection of cryptography and public policy.
Find him on twitter as @0xine or at

[Abstract - track I]
r2c is a startup working to profoundly improve software security and reliability to safeguard human progress. We are a team of AppSec engineers and program analysis experts. Having analyzed thousands of open source projects and spoken with hundreds of Python developers, we identified common security pitfalls that are specific to Python web apps. We partnered with authors of major web frameworks to identify common “gotchas” and create a set of best practices for building robust Python web apps.
The tutorial will include:
- A brief overview of common security problems (OWASP Top 10);
- Common gotchas for Flask and Django;
- Tools for robust Python backend development;
- Q&A.


- Stephen is a senior software engineer at Red Hat. He's been heavily involved in the OpenStack community since 2015, including related projects across the Python ecosystem. He also maintains Patchwork, the patch tracking tool used by the kernel and many other FOSS communities. He holds a BEng in Computer Engineering from the University of Limerick and has a keen interest in virtualisation, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

[Abstract - track II]
Django REST Framework (DRF) does for REST APIs what Django does for web applications more generally. That is, it provides a powerful, flexible framework to help quickly building applications. OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) provides a machine-readable schema for describing the REST APIs made possible by the likes of DRF. When combined, they allow you to do some pretty neat things, which we're going in this talk.
I will cover:
- Automatic generation of schemas from your API
- Validation of APIs using schemas
- Documentation!
- The competition

Let's see if OpenAPI really is the one API schema to rule them all... or something like that.


In these uncertain times, we appreciate all the community support. If you would like to help us maintain this initiative and collaborate by submitting a talk proposal, please follow this link: