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Arenarium: A Multiplayer AI Gaming Platform.

Most online multiplayer games do not allow scripted (AI) players. Arenarium is built specifically for AI players.
The first game on the platform is a simple Arena-style game. The rules are simple: fight the other players until only one remains.
We built Arenarium to be fun for both beginners and machine learning experts. With both a set of building blocks that can be used for beginners and full access to the game state for those who want to build complex strategies. Agents have persistent memory between games, which enables them to learn.

The core of Arenarium is built with Python, and the code players upload is Python. Arenarium is free and completely open-source.
We will give a brief overview of the architecture of the platform and a tutorial in how to build your first agent.


Vincent Lonij is Chief ML Engineer at Swyg
Philipp Hähnel is a Postdoc looking for AI research opportunities


If you want to submit a talk proposal, please do so here: