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Monthly Meetup (VENUE CHANGE!)

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LOCATION CHANGE: we are at Qualcomm's building AZ auditorium. Thanks to the Qualcomm Learning Center (and Maritza in particular) for setting this up.

Cloudflare's Developer Relations will provide pizza!


This month we have a special preview from Hayley Denbraver on her talk she will be giving at PyGotham and DjangoCon (20 - 30 min). Generally we have 5 minute lightning talks - if you are interested in giving a talk, please post in the comments or get in touch with Diane (

Currently Scheduled talks:
Hayley Denbraver - We Are 3000 Years Behind: Let's Talk About Engineering Ethics
Rajiv Vijayakumar - Using singledispatch to simplify code
Keegan Justis - Prophet Time-series library
Marlowe Quart - Finite Linear Analysis


See the map for details but parking is available in the Qualcomm parking lots and no permit is required.


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