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This is a volunteer driven user group for Python developers at all levels. We meet regularly to hear about new and old things within the Python ecosystem. Our meetings normally have a talk that lasts about an hour, followed by discussion. The discussion often takes place in a bar or restaurant near the meetup.

All topics related to Python are very welcome. We have had talks about exciting Python libraries, about new developments in the Python language itself, and about interesting use-cases for Python. Please contact the group organizers if you have a topic you think could be interesting for the group. Maybe you can present it yourself, or maybe we can find some other member who can.

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Property Testing with Hypothesis
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Hypothesis (https://hypothesis.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) is a Python library that makes it easy to generate random inputs for your test cases. You use it to verify properties about your programs, such as

• x + x == 2 * x for all numeric values of x,

•reverse(reverse(lst)) == lst for all lists lst, or

• json.loads(json.dumps(x)) == x for all x,

This kind property testing is very good at finding edge cases that you haven't thought about before.

Property testing was popularized by the Haskell QuickCheck library and this talk will show how Hypothesis allows you to do the same in Python.

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