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What we’re about

Welcome! We are a group of taiji (tai chi) and qigong (chi kung) enthusiasts who gather together in beautiful outdoor settings in different towns in the SF peninsula area to practice the arts of taiji and qigong. 
The practice of qigong includes various different postures, movements, breath and energy awareness, self-massage, and meditation. One could say, qigong in its highest expression, is for mind, energy, and form, to become more fully aligned and integrated with the wholeness of Spirit.
Taijiquan is a form of martial qigong, which can be practiced solely for it's health and meditative benefits, and/or as an internal martial art. When practiced with consistency, these exercises help to relax and strengthen the body, the internal organs, and the immune system, improve balance and agility, build up the protective qi (life energy), and bring calmness to the mind. This ultimately helps promote longevity and an increased quality of living, as well as balancing and attuning the physical vitality, subtle energy, and Spirit / Awareness (Jing, Qi, Shen). No taiji, qigong, or meditation experience is necessary, all are welcome attend.

(Note: The number of people who sign up for classes in this meetup group is not always reflective of the actual number of people attending, as many people who attend the classes are not in this meetup group)

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