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What we’re about

Queer Night Out Waterloo Region hopes to create in person, safe, social opportunities for members of a local rainbow community to meet and connect. We strive to be inclusive or a wide range of sexual orientations and gender identities.

Whether it be playing board games, heading out to a movie, grabbing coffee at a local cafe or heading out to a community dance, our events focus on fun, engaging opportunities to connect with new people. We try to avoid events that are move too far from the social, into the more peer support or advocacy. It is not that we don't think these are important, just not the focus of this group.

You should join if you are looking to meet and connect with individuals with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and their allies, to socialize and meet new people in Waterloo Region. If you are interested in helping to organize such social opportunities - even better!

When we started the group, we had a lot of people join, but very few people engaged with the group or attended events. We have added some questions for those joining the group, just to be sure that we can find out what types of social activities people are most interested in and hopefully have more people attending our events.