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TL:DR; - Javascript, Data analytics, Machine learning, Qwench, Knowledge sharing, Hackathons, Jobs & Opportunities - http://bit.ly/qwenched


This group is for people who are Qoorius about understanding how the world works through Data Analytics data and Javascript. Of course, It doesn't hurt to get paid while doing so ! :)

• Join in for hackathons, jobs & opportunities, workshops, mentorship and sharing experiences.

• Use Qwench https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_ROFyAPa2c&t=1s

An easy-to-setup and powerful Javascript based tool for data cleaning / analysis / visualisation / reporting at scale, using regular computers that are automatically clustered by Qwench for more power.

Website - http://www.qoorius.com/qwench

• Contribute webinars / author articles / share your expertise and professional experience / recruit or outsource work - We're always looking for people like you. Please connect with admin at any time.


About Qwench :-

Qwench - is a personal / team "datalab-in-a-box" that allows you to crunch data at scale, using readily available computers like your laptops, in just a few clicks. No cloud, No engineering, No fancy tech or setups needed.

• Built in NoSQL storage that scales across multiple computers, automatically, in just a few clicks

• Javascript Notebook UI with parallel computing,

• Offline & Online data extraction, including from social media

• 100+ querying commands, including Filters, Aggregation, Joins, Map / Reduce etc

• 30+ charts & D3.js integration

• Machine learning APIs (coming soon)


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A day with Angular4

QED42 Engineering Pvt. Ltd

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