24 hour ‘evil genius’ notification plan: Portfolio Optimization Tool LIVE DEMO

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24 hour ‘evil genius’ notification plan: Portfolio Optimization Tool LIVE DEMO

This tool is awesome but before I introduce it, there is NO WHERE you can access it in a safe way when you try to download it from my recent attempts! Get details here:


If I am wrong, please tell me so I repost any potential good news. ;->
I have this tool so let’s demo it on Monday nite at 8 PM EST.

Also, I have a 30 minute tutorial with an Excel spreadsheet generator that can download Yahoo Finance data into this tool.

I also have a limited flash sale which will close midnight tomorrow MONDAY too.

Not interested in any of that, let’s talk about your portfolio to ensure you weight your assets correctly for maximum returns!

Get more info on this tool with a video demo at the above link or here if your eyeballs are too lazy to look:


As said, if you are interested in this limited flash sale, get info here:



I am now trying a new delivery method via Skype. I just created a special Skype account for these conferences. As a result, you can add me to your Skype Contact lists in order to establish a connection for this LIVE session. I will attempt to make this conference ‘call’ happen as of 8pm EST. If interested, please add my contact of quantlabs (at) outlook dot com to your contact list. From my research, I should be able to accommodate up to 25 people.

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