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What we’re about

This meetup group is for people interested in Quantitative Finance and Algorithmic Trading.

Quantitative investing makes investment decisions using a systematic approach – following a recipe or set of rules, based on long term historical evidence. 

It can provide higher returns, lower risk, reduced stress, and greatly decrease the time it takes to build a portfolio.

It is the modern way to construct a portfolio.

On a typical trading day 90% of trades are made by computers, and Blackrock estimate the Factor industry to grow to $3.4T by 2022.

There are many forms of quantitative investing, from HFT to AI-driven. The focus of this group lies predominantly with factor investing and taking a long-term perspective to quantitative investing.

Hopefully this group will help you understand the usefulness of quantitative investing so you can implement your own strategies and build an investment portfolio using quantitative techniques.

This group is for all level of investors and the aim is to educate and empower everyone to invest based on evidence, not emotion.