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What we’re about

QPS' primary objectives are to provide a safe space and opportunities for building community, sharing of information and experiences, and most importantly to promote harm reduction.  In keeping with that spirit, we please ask everyone to respect the guidelines.  There is absolutely no selling, trading, offering, soliciting and discussing the sourcing of any illegal substances and/or services allowed at any QPS events.  

For anyone being offered any illicit resources, please know that they are in no way connected, affiliated, or condoned by QPS so please be sure to consider your own safety and boundaries.  We are all adults and QPS has no responsibility or control over what you choose to do in your personal life, but please prioritize your own wellbeing as safety, setting, and intention are paramount to having a positive psychedelic journey, no matter how experienced you may or may not be.  

This is a safe space to share about your own experiences without judgment or discrimination.  We welcome people with all experience levels from all backgrounds, race, sexual orientation and gender identification, disabilities, etc. and we will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.  Please refrain from using derogatory terms and language.  

While sharing and interacting with others, please be conscientious of the fact that a lot of people may be in an especially vulnerable space, trying to heal from trauma of any kind and/or dealing with sensitive/private emotional and medical issues as such as addictions, disabilities, etc.  

We also ask that you respect everyone's confidentiality including people's identities and what is shared at the events.  Please be respectful not to share another participant’s identity without their expressed consent/permission to anyone outside QPS events, especially on any public domain, social media, etc.  If you see anyone outside of the meetings/events, please respect their privacy by not mentioning their participation and/or interest in psychedelics without their consent.  

Please keep in mind that we are all peers in this space - including facilitators.  Any information shared is not medical advice, absolute guidelines/rules for journeys, or guarantees as there are so many factors that can affect each experience.  Please speak from your own perspective as experiences, protocols, safety precautions and risks will vary from person to person and have often varied even for the same person during separate experiences.  What is shared here is an individual's personal opinion and experience, not general facts and/or recommendations.

We will enforce these rules to the best of our abilities so that people feel safe, physically and emotionally, at the events so please understand that any violations of these rules are disrespectful to the work of building a safe community.  If anyone violates any guidelines or crosses boundaries, you may be asked to leave and/or be banned from QPS.  Since we are not omnipotent or may not hear or be aware of all violations of the guidelines, boundaries, etc., everyone is encouraged to speak up and respectfully express any concerns.  Diplomatic, empathetic and honest communication is key in building a safe and enjoyable community.  

Be respectful and sensitive while others are sharing - please do not interrupt or impose personal opinions, judgments, with the exception of redirecting or stepping in if a guideline is being violated.  Please be respectful of explicit or inappropriate topics and time constraints.  We want to give everyone who wants to speak the opportunity to do so.  

QPS is organized and completely financed by a few volunteers.  If anyone would like to donate any funds (in any amount), goods or services to help us cover the costs of running the website, Google meetups, the meetings/events and Meetup fees, please feel free to Venmo -- .  Even a few dollars from anyone who can and would like to donate to QPS would go a long way in keeping most of QPS events free.  

Please note that even though psychedelics have been around for a long time, due to the sensitive nature and controversy, there hasn't been extensive scientific research and definitive information around protocols, safety, benefits, etc.  Even leading experts in the field have stated that there are so many unknowns and admitted that the protocols that may have been created are relatively new and untested on a large scale.  There's still a lot of stigma around use of psychedelics but fortunately there has been more information available about the potential therapeutic benefits, and more studies are being conducted.  
Please be aware that there are lots of myths, conflicting and misinformation, misconceptions, misleading theories, and toxic positivity, etc. online as well as in the psychedelic community.  We are here to talk about our own experiences and share.  We welcome open and honest discussions, including negative experiences or anything construed as negative. 

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