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Let's read... The Miseducation of Cameron Post, by Emily Danforth
• What we'll do This month we'll we be reviewing The Miseducation of Cameron Post. Kelly will be leading the discussion and Kellie will be hosting the evening. "The Miseducation of Cameron Post is a coming-of-age teen novel by Emily M. Danforth published in 2012. The novel's protagonist is Cameron Post, a 12-year-old Montana girl who is discovering her own homosexuality. After her parents die in a car crash, she is sent to live with her conservative aunt. She develops a relationship with her best friend and is sent to a conversion camp. According to author Emily Danforth, the novel was influenced by the 2005 Zach Stark controversy, where teenager Zach Stark was sent to a de-gaying camp run by Love In Action after coming out to his parents. The story is set in the author's hometown, Miles City, Montana in the 1990s." • What to bring This is our monthly potluck dinner and book review. Please contribute whatever you want toward a main dish, side dish, or desert. We also ask that everyone bring a few dollars to help offset the cost of Meet-up event hosting. • Important to know If this meeting is already full, get on the waiting list and read the book! Our meet-ups always fill early and we always have plenty of room on book night... you may not clear the wait list until the last minute, but we'll get you in so plan on coming!

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If you are tired of telling yourself, "I have a hard time sitting down and reading the latest books on the bestseller list or books people have recommended to me or that I've found of interest, bought and are still sitting on my shelf", join our group. Not only will you read a plethora of books that you might never have read, you'll also get a chance to discuss them with other lesbians! This group is for women who love women. The goal of this group is to discuss books of all genres (with an emphasis on women's or lesbian themes) and to meet other lesbians in a fun, safe, and social environment.

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