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London Queer Muslims, since Nov. 2017, is a volunteer-led initiative founded on the viewpoint that queerness and islam are accepted givens, the question though is: Where do we go about the realisation that the two are not at odds with each other?

LQM responds to the present narratives in hetero-normative muslim spaces, and simultaneously homo-normative (LGBT+) spaces in London and the world; both environments often position queer muslim individuals in an unwarranted state of justifying or declaiming oneself.

Rather than debating the correctness of being queer and muslim, LQM strives to actualise a post-debate culture; in which queer-muslim reading, writing, creative work, spirituality, and critical thought are centred, explored, discussed, cherished and advanced off a growing network of friends; whose aim is to enrich their relationship with their faith, culture and/or queerness.

London Queer Muslims has a full constitution and is governed by an unincorporated charitable framework with elected board members: a chair, secretary, treasurer and advisors.

We hold Ijtihad sessions; where we discuss ways to practice or understand Islam; each Ijtihad has a set topic, and is worked through aided by independent reasoning, community interest (Istislah), and seeking beauity (Istihsan). We have covered topics such as eco-Halal & ethical eating, Hijab & modesty, justice & Ashura, pilgrimage, and queer belonging.

We also hold Zikir circles; a Sufi tradition, meditation, and a devotional space for the rememberance of Allah. Each Zikir is followed by readings and reflections from Sufi literature. Our Zikir and Ijtihad sessions, as well as social events, are held both online and in-person; they are completely egalitarian, and our members take turns leading them in a safe and loving evironment.

Website: www.LondonQueerMuslims.com

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London Pride Meetup with the Faith & Belief Forum

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Ijtihad - "The Good Enough Father"

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Afternoon at the Museum

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Zikir - Layali Al Qadr (online)

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