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What we’re about

I publish a podcast titled Quest For You, which provides inspiration, motivation and aims to help you find purpose and fulfillment in life. (

In this MeetUp I would like to continue the conversation and meet people who have similar life questions. You don’t have to listen to the podcast to join dinner. A group of people is always stronger than one individual alone, and my hope is that these get-togethers foster an environment of open communication, listening and encouragement for everyone. Relationships with other human beings enrich our lives significantly, especially when they lead to long-lasting connections.

Everyone is welcome - to ask burning questions, share a personal challenge, offer creative solutions, wisdom and expertise, and above all, have fun.
Bring your positive, engaging, intelligent and open-minded Self and be ready to contribute by making it great time for yourself and everyone else, and maybe even find a great friend along the way. Here is the plan –
- With your feedback, I will make a reservation at one of the great restaurants in and around Oakland. These will be mid- to higher priced because we only live once and deserve the best while we are here!
- I will post number of seats reserved when I announce the event on MeetUp. If you commit please try to be there or cancel ahead of time so someone else can jump in.
- We will meet 1x/month on a weekend day.
- Everyone pays for their food/drink + a portion of the tip. To make it easy on the server, please bring cash. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.