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Learn how to ask for help w/ Seeds token founder Rachel Cook

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Learn how to ask for help w/ Seeds token founder Rachel Cook


We invite you to join us for the last event in this series in partnership with The Riveter and The Rabbit Hole!

Ask for help (& get it)
Seeds tokens allow anyone to ask for monetary help - and receive it as a gift - with no strings attached. To make the tokens as easy to use as we could, we’ve loaded them on simple gift cards. For every card you buy, another will be donated to someone in need.

Rachel Cook, the founder of Seeds, will talk about how we’re collectively shifting from a scarcity paradigm into a new economic system of abundance, what that has to do with the correction of the imbalance of masculine and feminine energy on earth (and in all of us), and how cryptocurrency - and particularly Seeds - can drive the architecture of this new way of being. Rachel will demonstrate how Seeds works, and participants will have a chance to acquire tokens and give it a try themselves.

Following Rachel’s presentation, we’ll have time to mingle in the Riveter space, nosh and gather around activities. Authentic and delicious Caribbean food will be served, courtesy of Who's Hungry Caribbean Catering!

4505 Glencoe Ave · Marina Del Rey, CA
36 spots left