ERC-1155 : Across the Multiverse
Monday, August 26, 2019
at CryptoMonday

You may be asking, what’s the special sauce behind the ERC-1155 standard? What advantages does it offer over ERC-721? Or you may be asking, what?

We'll start with special guest Jodee Rich and an overview of the NFT ecosystem, including Ethereum and Libra NFT applications. Jodee is the founder and CEO of PeopleBrowser and the founder of the NFT NYC conference.

Kseniya Lifanova, smart contract developer and co-owner of Upstate Interactive, will talk about Ethereum token standards, and how the ERC-1155 standard was proposed by Enjin a year ago and adopted by the Ethereum community this year.

Finally, we hear directly from Enjin and from entrepreneurs who are rolling this out in gaming multiverses and creating an ecosystem for true ownership of digital items.

Andy Anderson, Enjin
BitSavage, PCDC Auction House
Austin Davis, Blockchain Beach
Nicholas Juntilla, ReceiptChain
Jodee Rich,
Ann Willmott, The Rabbit Hole. moderator