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Raelian Monthly Meditation Gathering
You are invited to our Monthly Meditation Gathering on the third Sunday of each month. It is a great opportunity to be together in the light of the Elohim beautiful messages! We would like to see you there and perhaps if this is your first time to our monthly meditation, please bring your questions, we will be happy to try and answer them. To meditate together is very powerful and the love and consciousness we share during that day will stay with you and will bring light to your life. We will get together on Sunday morning at 10:15 am for a great moment together. The meditation starts at 10:40am. In order to create a no interruption and peaceful environment for our mediator, please NO buzzer call if you arrive after 10:40am. If you are late, please wait until 11:10 am to buzz the door. We appreciate your cooperation. After the contact, we plan to spend a wonderful afternoon together. We will have a philosophical discussion and sharing with you or answer any question you may have. Here’s the schedule for the day: 10:15 AM – Welcome 10:40 AM – Meditation for contact 11:05 AM – Philosophical Discussion Sharing 12:00 PM – Lunch in local restaurant If have not yet read the Messages from the Maitreya Rael, you can download our free E-Book at -

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We are a conscious spiritual group who believe we were created by an advanced scientific humanity known as the Elohim, which are twenty-five thousand years in advance of our present day science. In 1945 we had reached the age of science when we took the atom and created enough destructive power to destroy all of the humanity, this is however also the time in which we can develop this science and use it to blossom as a humanity. it is at this time our creators, the Elohim decided to send their last messenger. The Elohim met with Rael in 1973 and revealed what is now called intelligent design.

We have what are called happiness academies all over the planet where people can go to develop their minds through meditation, workshops while bathing in an atmosphere of artists freedom and complete non judgment regardless of skin colour, sex, sexual orientation as one of the teachings the Elohim bring us is that they created all these differences and the more different you are from me the more enriched we become. So if you feel the stars and galaxies are infinite, that we were created for pleasure and love and you want to shine and bring more love to all people of earth you are more than welcome to join us at one of our monthly meditations for fun laughs and meditation.

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