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What we’re about


This group is for ALL members of the LGBT+ community (and their allies) who love to travel! Tired of being limited to men/women-only cruises or pride events as a way to explore the world with LGBT+ friends, family or significant others? Want to meet others from our community with the same wanderlust?...then the Rainbow Travelers Network is for you!

My intension is to bring together all those under the rainbow who want more than a cruisy cruise or an all-inclusive on an island (although that's definitely fun too)....and want to really experience culture, food, history, art, music, people, language and all the wonders that each destination truly offers. I have worked tirelessly to accrue reputable suppliers, many who are affiliated with the IGLTA (International Gay and Lesbian Travel association) and are proud to provide services to the LGBT+ community.

My goal with this group is to travel together!....but at the very least, to share each others' experiences and knowledge about destinations across the world, and traveling as a member of the rainbow community.

To start with small intimate experiences so you can truly enjoy the destination and get to know your fellow travelers. As interest grows for certain itineraries, there is a potential for groups to become larger. Because I truly want this group to be all-encompassing, there will be a mix of itineraries with destinations both domestic and international, various accommodation levels and price point, active and leisure itineraries, etc. Also, some trips will be joining larger groups and some will be private tours just for us. Although my main objective is to create itineraries for a mixed group of member, there will be occasional trips that will have a specific demographic focus (i.e. men or women only).

Look forward to hearing from you and hope you join me one one of our up meetups!....LET'S SEE THE WORLD TOGETHER!

Please contact me with any questions.

Best regards,