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What we’re about

-Do you PPC, SEO, SEM, Tweet, Digg, and Autorespond?

-Are you on all the guru's lists? Do you know Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, John Reese, Rich Schefren, Joel Comm and the others?

-Do you have a swipe file? a Clickbank account?

If you know exactly what I'm talking about then this group is for you!

Let's all get together and help mastermind each other's businesses and share the latest cutting edge online marketing tactics and strategies.

At each meeting, we'll also do our regular Q&A session where we'll try to help you solve any challenges you're currently having promoting your business online.

It can be about anything web related: website design, hosting, audio, video, affiliate programs, copywriting, search engine optimization, pay per click, blogging, social networking, etc...

As always, we'll have a variety of experts in attendance, ready to help you brainstorm solutions.

Please send me any questions you want to discuss in advance if you can.

This should be a great event and you're Guaranteed to leave with some actionable information you can use to grow your business.

This group is primarily for experienced online marketers who understand direct response marketing on the Internet.

Come share your tips, tricks, failures and success stories and learn from other experienced internet marketers as well. No hype and no pitching will be allowed but having a good time and walking away from each meeting with actionable money-making ideas will be a requirement.

All of our meetings have been a huge success and the group continues to grow rapidly each month. As this group keeps growing we may need to move to a larger meeting location. So it's vitally important that you only RSVP if you plan to actually attend so we can get an accurate headcount and pick the proper location. I'll notify everyone if a location change is necessary 1 week before the meeting based on RSVP's.