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Make Sure Homeless People Get a Christmas Present -- You’re Homeless at the holidays. Imagine the joy that comes with an unexpected gift “just for me”.

Guess What? This holiday season the SoupMobile is handing out gift boxes made by you, their SoupElves, filled with inexpensive items to make life on the streets a little easier. How many total gifts do we need for 1,000 homeless people? 1,000!

Yes, I said 1,000 gift boxes! To make wishes come true for your homeless person, wrap a shoe box with top and bottom wrapped separately, with a flat ribbon around it to hold it together.

Fill your box with items a homeless person can carry with them and enjoy. Here are just a “few” ideas: tube socks, gloves, pens, notepad, stationery with stamps, travel-size kleenex, playing cards, small plastic or cloth storage bag, comb, disposable stick razors, chapstick, sunscreen, toiletries, toothbrush and toothpaste, pre-moistened wipes, bandaids, several safety pins and paper clips, baggies for wet soap, travel-size sewing kit, plastic poncho, pocket-sized raincoat, umbrella, small flashlight and batteries, small radio and batteries, $5 or $10 prepaid credit card, McDonald’s gift certificates, prepaid phone card, small bible, granola bars, fruit sticks, hard candy to fill in the cracks.

You can put a message or greeting card in your box but do not include your last name, address, or phone number. Please, no glass or breakables, used stuff, knives, perishables, aspirin or meds, liquids, or aerosols.

Drop off your gift at the SoupMobile, 3017 Commerce St in Deep Ellum, 8:30-11 M-F.
If you can’t get to the SoupMobile, call 214-6956 (7 days a week) to arrange drop-off. Please deliver your gift to the SoupMobile by December 22, other locations by December 17. The SoupMan will make sure that your gift brightens the holidays of a homeless person.

May your holidays be blessed and full of joy!
Best wishes from the SoupMobile
David Timothy, aka The SoupMan

Invite your email friends, invite your Facebook friends (link to this page), tweet and retweet. If everyone who receives this invitation passes it forward, 999 more people who will give a gift to a grateful homeless person this year.