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If you like making people smile for no reason, start smiling because you're finally with your people. #KindCityCinci / Random Acts of Kindness is a group dedicated to....Random Acts of Kindness. Regardless of what you believe or how much meaning you give to something meaningless, one thing for sure is that doing good guarantees an inner smile. So that's what we're going to do in Cinci around town - spread kindness - and not necessarily for the poorest, but for the Unsuspectingly Unsmiley. You should join if participating in any of the following activities make you say "hell yes":

1) putting fake parking tickets on people's windshield wipers that are actually covered in compliments and goodwill....."happy" parking tickets
2) holding a limbo pole outside of a dreary corporate business on a Monday morning to liven up those white collar entrances
3) performing a talent in front and behalf of a homeless person to help them raise money
4) leaving popcorn packets at Red Box vending machines with kind notes stuck to the packets

This is just the beginning! Come join our collective of Professional Day-Makers and help make Cinci the happiest place to be!

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Surprise Bday Party for International Refugee Students

Academy of World Languages

Happy Hour Dance Party!!!

West Chester Assisted Living and Memory Care

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