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The objective of the Rand Paul Headquarters New Hampshire Meetup is to promote the candidacy of Rand Paul for President 2016!

If you'd like to help us by being an Assistant Organizer of the group, let us know.

To this end we will promote freedom across the region. Already this large group is composed of campaign veterans from the New Hampshire Ron Paul Campaign in '08 and '12. We will continue our campaign from the grassroots up. Leaders from all 6 states can now share ideas and coordinate activities. To attract more members in New England, we will base this meetup in large towns and cities around the region and continue rotating locations. Thanks for continuing this Revolution! Original Meetup Description: Meet and work with other folks to make sure Rand Paul wins the NH GOP Presidential Primary! Events will range from discussion and planning to fundraising drives and coordinated activism. This group focuses on state-wide or high priority events. We recommend you also join any Ron Paul meetups that are close to where you live in addition to this group.

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