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Reeling in our body, mind and spirit is what is on the agenda for this Ultimate Detox and Reset program. It is time to prepare our body, mind and spirit for a complete renewal in order to embrace the winter season. , with a healthy attitude towards our quality of life. It is time to step out of the death culture into the culture of life and experience life more abundantly. We want to be healthy, we really do.... but there is some pleasure seeking part of us that operates without regard to the consequences of our thoughts and resultant actions. After a time of giving in to these guilty pleasures and mindless endeavors, it is easy to follow that inner voice that says it is okay to eat foods that we know are a bad choice. This 3-day Reset Program is designed to assist you in the following and will include: Thursday, October 25 Orientation and dinner Friday and Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00 1:00 pm Energy Soup Live food Meals Rejuvelac Sprouts Cleansing beverages throughout the day The following amenities are available for your use: Healing equipment: Bio-Mat (infrared Detox and Immune system Builder). Low level laser (reduces inflammation, burns fat and assist in releasing toxins in the body) Exercise equipment: Rebounding, Slant board, Chi Machine , slim glider & foot massage/circulation machine ** exercise classes available and Exercise equipment circuit** ****Massage and ear candling available when time permits**** Also instructional/educational info in the following areas where you learn how to: • Conquer the seemingly endless mind games and re-claim your true mind • Reduce cravings for genetically modified foods that sabotage your efforts • Gain knowledge and tips to conquer bad habits • Be in control of your self during all of the tempting days of the year • Understanding food addiction and cravings • Understanding how nutrient dense foods assist in the natural process of better choices • Finding the plan that works for your personality and lifestyle • Following the natural body hygiene • Learning the profound benefits of drinking your veggies and eating your fruits Note: If you only need a minor turn-up, perhaps participating in just 1 or 2 days may work for you. The cost for the 3-day reset Program is $599.00 (includes residential and day program attendees) PayPal account is [masked]. If you have questions or would like to make other Payment arrangements please call:[masked]. 50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO RESERVE. 5 participants per day required. Time will be allowed for using the state of the art healing equipment and the passive exercise equipment, reflecting upon this year and enjoying some relaxation time in a tranquil, loving environment. NOTE: Attendees: Wear very comfortable clothing, bring slippers, two bath towels, a twin sheet. Class size is limited. Attendance is based on a first come first served basis. Reserve now to reserve your space! P. S. If you are using PayPal, Please add a $3.00 transaction fee to the cost. Thank you. Hadassah Owner, Divine Health Retreat Center

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