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What we’re about

Whole Fresh Ripe Raw Fruits and Vegetables. 

 The ideal is organic, especially if the food doesn't have a peel.

This group exists for those interested in or are practicing a low fat raw vegan fruitarian lifestyle.

 Natural Hygiene seeks to remove the causes of ill health while meeting our genuine shared human needs. The Medical approach often just treats symptoms which is useful for first aid but not for long term healing and health.

We are not doctors and don't give medical advice.

We practice 80/10/10 - a low-fat low-protein high simple carbohydrate raw vegan diet consisting of whole fruits, tender green vegetables, and an optional small quantity of germinated nuts and seeds, and fatty fruits: avocados, coconuts, durian, etc. 

We don't use onions, garlic, spices or herbs as they are irritating to our digestive tract and affect our ability to appreciate the more subtle taste of simple fruit meals.

80/10/10 refers to a caloric nutrient ratio of carbohydrates/protein/fat as a percentage of your total caloric intake on average over time. A MINIMUM of 80% of your calories consumed from simple carbohydrates, with a MAXIMUM of 10% of your calories coming from protein and a MAXIMUM of 10% of calories coming from fat. It's not about getting an exact 80/10/10 ratio each day.

The ideal meal, especially for those who want to heal a health issue, is one type of fruit with or without lettuce. Melon should always been eaten alone though. But there are many ways to create meals that are more complex if desired.Other important factors in our health are air quality, emotional poise, proper breathing, pure clean water, appropriate sunshine, as much sleep as our bodies care for, and exercise and reciprocal rest. 

Anyone interested in the raw/live food diet and lifestyle is welcome!