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Meet RAW and JUICY food peeps near you.

Join us at a Raw Food potluck and taste yummy foods, exchange recipes, learn new healthy healing techniques and be part of a juicy movement.

Anyone interested in the raw/live food diet and lifestyle is welcome!

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3 days Left to turn $25 into Shared Food Freedoms - Are You In?

Please don't turn your back on Hispanic Hub and Inner City Food Desert Families - $25 Shares TWO Food Freedoms - How About Being Generous Before 1pm, July 5th? >bit.ly/25espanol Just Imagine your Family in an inner city ‘food desert.’ Wish you could break from Popeye’s and McDonald’s but there’s no fresh, affordable produce market! ......NOW IMAGINE Mom and Kids’ "Micro Farm on the Windowsill" provides fresh, economical, and nutritious sprouts, courtesy of a SproutMe Starter Kit. Imagine speaking little-no English as the Standard American Diet puts you into Culture Shock: GMO’s, Junkfoods, Pharmaceuticals, Cruel Factory Farming, Disease Care not Health Care medical system! ......NOW IMAGINE EarthSave’s Hispanic Hub welcomes you into a bi-lingual learning, sharing and events community. Buy tickets HERE bit.ly/25espanol before Ticket Window closes 1pm, July 5th never an add-on fee from EarthSave ~ ~ ~ Find out if your ticket qualifies for a SproutMe prize 7:00pm July 5th - mark your calendar! Food Freedoms GiveAway> meet.google.com/raa-bvxg-zri *Prizes delivered in the US only ~ ~ ~ Each $25 Ticket supports 50/50 basis: √Hispanic Hub - translates plant-based resources into Spanish √Urban Greenworks Giveaways- boosts Food Security in inner city Food Deserts The Problems: √ Spanish-only speakers deserve access to vegan/plant-based resources and events √ Black families in 'Food Desert' deserve access to fresh-affordable-organic-renewable superfoods The Problem Solvers: EarthSave's N*E*W Hispanic Hub for Spanish-only Speakers from Miami-Dade County to Patagonia: √ EarthSavePOD Espanol (FB and Meetup Groups) √ SPAN Translation Team √ Ukupacha Childrens' Earth Literacy Roger Horne, Urban GreenWorks' Director/EarthSave Ambassador, provides urban gardens, agri-training and food education in underserved, urban "food deserts." Roger will distribute SproutMe micro-farms to deserving families for increased Food Security! Special SproutMe Starter Kit from Barb Burk and Kathy Romaine (sprouting jar-mesh cover-sprout seeds mix) turns an urban window sill into a micro-farm of Nature's fastest-growing, most nourishing, renewable, low-cost superfoods. Germinating seeds and legumes are packed with phyto-nutrients and metabolic energy - a tasty snack or add to any recipe! ERTHY SEZ: "1 ticket = 2 impacts. Be generous to Share Your Food Freedoms." Learn More: ➤About EarthSave Hispanic Portal> https://earthsavemiami.org/earthsave-en-espanol-translations-spanish-hispanic-intercultural/ ➤About UrbanGreenWorks> https://www.urbangreenworks.org/ ➤About Veganville.TV> https://vegtastic.co/veganville-tv2020 ➤About Ukupacha> https://earthsavemiami.org/ukupacha-vegtastic ➤About Vegtastic Philanthropy Circle> https://earthsavemiami.org/earthsavemiami-org-vegtastic-npo-donations ➤Contribute today to 501c3 Philanthropy Funds: VegSave, Brookhaven, Ukupacha...> https://vegtastic.co/donor365 *Note: SproutMe Fundraiser is not a raffle under Florida Statute Section[masked] Charitable Solicitations by Donor365 on behalf of EarthSave and Vegtastic 501c3 Philanthropy Funds licensed by Save The Earth Ecocenter, Inc. 501c3 Solicitor# CH47114 FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE[masked] WITHIN THE STATE OR ONLINE AT WWW.800HELPFLA.COM . REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE EN ESPANOL:


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3rd Annual Florida Fruit Festival Hello Everybody! Plans for Florida Fruit Festival 2020 are well underway - YEAH:))) We have lots of exciting events and activities in store for this years festival! New Excursions, New Vendors, New Workshops - Woo Hoo! Stay tuned for more updates through this newsletter and our Facebook Group: facebook.com/FloridaFruitFestival/ To purchase your ticket visit the website: www.floridafruitfestival. com TICKETS NOW ON SALE! We are working hard to make your experience at the Florida Fruit Festival more comfortable and enjoyable. This includes having more fans and less mosquitoes! Interested in becoming a presenter vendor or volunteer? Please get in touch! Florida Fruit Festival Needs Your Help! We all want to see more people at this awesome event so PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! Share this newsletter with all your friends and family and post on your social media! Purchase your ticket on the website: www.floridafruitfestival. com

Gourmet Raw Vegan Dinner
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Lake Worth private residence

Gourmet Raw Vegan Dining with Author and Chef Rita Romano

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