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Remove Chemtrails & Nuclear Fallout from the Sky, Your Environment & Your Body

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Free Ken Rohla Talk

We are living in a radioactive world now. The nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan is but the latest and most horrific of a long history of nuclear accidents that have been minimized and covered up by the nuclear industry and the mainstream controlled press. "Geoengineers" are now publicly admitting to dumping 10 to 20 million metric tons of barium, aluminum, and strontium powders into the atmosphere each year. (See the documentary, Why in the World are They Spraying? for more details.)

Radioactive particles of cesium, iodine, americium, plutonium, xenon, strontium are now Ken Rohla Teachingcircling the globe, with elevated levels being measured in food and water supplies across the US, and increasing mortality rates are being linked to it. That doesn't include the global fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident which has been documented to have caused nearly a million deaths and contaminated over a half billion people, including causing birth defects on the US east coast.

According to Greenpeace, there have been 2,044 atomic bomb detonations on Earth, an average of one blast every nine days since the first blast in 1945. There are at least six genetically engineered microbes being widely used in our environment, with little to no testing. We are well on our way to a mass extinction, and yet, there are solutions for all of it! When you understand the universe is a matter-energy system of polarities, when problems manifest, so do their solutions. If consciousness creates reality, then we can create solutions to even these large problems. Come hear Ken Rohla share solutions to these problems that you can do to protect yourself, your family, your food and water, and your property. Bring paper and writing instrument, Ken always gives out a lot of very specific useful info!