What we're about

Trading and Investing with a Systematic, Analytical, or Quantitative orientation for those in Raleigh, Durham, the Triangle, and also anywhere via remote participation.

Our primary activity is the monthly meeting. We are totally non-commercial, being closer to a collaborative research and education association than to anything commercial. We have never charged anyone a single cent. We have presenters or panelists on a specialized topic almost every month, both from our membership and nationally known educators, traders and investors. We are one of the most active such groups in the United States, drawing remote members also from abroad. All talks are educational only. We never invite speakers to present commercial products, except occasionally in cases of widely used trading platforms and the like.

We have a two hour meeting (about) every month, to allow time for either two topics or for an in-depth extended panel and group discussion following a talk. We do not waste everyone's time on administrative minutiae as do so many groups. We get right to the topic at hand. Most of our meetings are recorded and many are relayed live over the web.

We do not fall for the fallacy that there need be a clear distinction between "retail" and "professional" traders. We go into topics in depth for the benefit of all. We look to cater to all levels of experience, erring where necessary on the side of depth rather than the customary superficiality, but still providing at least an introduction for new traders and investors before going deeper.

Options, Stocks, Futures, Back-testing, Quantitative Analysis, Financial Software Development, Money Management and most especially prudent Risk Management are recurring subject areas. A key objective is avoiding scams, frauds, excessively risky strategies, and black box undisclosed systems.

Anyone in North Carolina is welcome to join, as are members of Aeromir or Capital Discussions living anywhere. There is no charge. Additionally, anyone anywhere is welcome to join if they indicate why they are joining and an area of interest, so that we can get an indication that they are not joining to promote any product or service. We will instantly remove and ban anyone who spams the group with promotional material.

Besides our monthly meetings, we also have active discussion forums and you are welcome to start threads in them.

Upcoming events (1)

Mark Mosley: Trading Calendar Spreads Successfully, Netzero Style

Cameron Village Regional Library

Mark Mosley lives here in Raleigh and trades option strategies very actively (including for friends and family). He also mentors, and is one of our clearest speakers. Previously, Mark gave a talk on trading NetZero[masked] delta butterflies that was very popular. Now, he will present his new approach to trading Calendar Spreads, that merges[masked] delta style trade management rules with a few simple adjustments, while keeping an eye also on the delta/ theta ratio. Mark has been doing this trade since April with very good results. He finds the approach better than[masked] for a number of reasons, especially the reaction to changing volatility. Mark intends this talk to be fairly comprehensive. It will be a follow-on to his previous discussion of the NetZero butterfly. Calendar Spreads have some unique properties that make them a good addition to a trader's tool-belt. A discussion of vega needs to be a part of it. He will compare and contrast the two approaches and explain why Calendar spreads have an advantage from a vega standpoint, along with some simple rules to manage the strategy. One of Mark's strengths as a speaker is in handling questions and comments exceptionally responsively. Therefore, we will reserve the whole meeting for this subject, and plan on devoting a large amount of time to such interactions. After the meeting, we will get together at a nearby restaurant/tavern. Please join us there too.

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