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Microservices, Reactive and Distributed Systems Vienna
Microservices, Reactive and Distributed Systems Vienna
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At the address go through the driveway to enter a courtyard. To your right hand you find an entrance leading you to "Sektor5" (at the first floor!-). Grab a drink at the bar and go through the two doors straight ahead. Turn left and meet up with us!)

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Hi all,

next time, we will discuss the trend (or hype?) of Serverless Architecture and its relationship to Microservices. I am happy to announce that this will now be a joint meetup of both the Microservices and Serverless meetup groups in Vienna.

There is more: you can win two tickets for #devone '17. And aside having ( as a sponsor, and ( will take care of our thirst! :-)

Thank you! Now here is the fine tuned program:

18:30 Welcome Introduction & Free Beverages

~ 18:45 Gojko Adzic - will introduce us to the Core Ideas and Features of Serverless Architectures.

Gojko Adzic - - specialises in agile and lean quality improvement, in particular impact mapping, agile testing, specification by example and behaviour driven development (see the list of Gojko's books ( Gojko is a frequent keynote speaker ( at leading software development conferences, and one of the authors of MindMup ( and Claudia.js ( - a popular open source deployment tool for AWS Lambda.

On a regular basis, Gojko delivers Vienna based two-day workshops for developers and architects who want to learn more about Mígrating to a Serverless Architecture (

~ 19:30 Break & Free Beverages

~ 20:00 We will have extensive time for an open panel discussion, co-moderated by László Király (Serverless Vienna) and Martin Schimak (Microservices Vienna).

Your own questions and contributions about Serverless Architecture and its relationship to Microservices are most important. Pls start to post your thoughts and questions as comments below - and we pick them up in the discussion!

Here is our panel:

• Gojko Adzic - - aside having written very well-known books (see above) he is passionate hands on coder and gives trainings about Serverless Architectures based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

• Helmuth Breitenfellner - - Helmuth has quite a bit of experience with the diverse Google Cloud offerings. He organises the Google Developer Group Vienna ( and works as a System Specialist at CTBTO PrepCom.

• Max Kossatz - - Max has many years of experience creating startups in Vienna and Berlin using Infrastructure as a Service from the beginning on (e.g. with Archify and Blippex). Today he works at (

• Jürgen Mayrbäurl - - Jürgen has quite a bit of experience with the Serverless implementation of Microsoft Azure Functions and works as an Evangelist for Microsoft.

Thank you all. László and me are looking forward to meet you!