willhaben's Inverse Conway Maneuver

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Neubaugasse 64-66/4 · Vienna

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Arriving at Neubaugasse 64-66 go through the iron gate closing the little dead end street. Walk through the street until the dead end and enter house III. On the first floor you will find RIAT behind door #4. :-)

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Dear all, we are incredibly happy and pretty curious. At our upcoming meetup, together with our courageous sponsor willhaben, we will be allowed to take a live look at some ongoing architectural challenges. Our guest and speaker, Senior Software Architect Michael Osl is leading a project to - you guessed it - break some monoliths. :-) Such an endeavour of course involves internal, organizational changes. This is where Mel Conway comes in. You have heard of computer programmer Melvin Conway? "Conway's law" is an adage named after him, who already introduced the idea in 1967.

His pretty true "law" states that organizations which design systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of their organizations. The law is based on the reasoning that in order for software to be developed, multiple people must communicate frequently with each other. Therefore, the resulting system will especially reflect boundaries of the organization, across which communication is more difficult. This can easily lead to accidental friction points in a system. Now, the 'Inverse Conway Maneuver' recommends gradually evolving your team and organizational structure to promote your desired architecture. Ideally your technology architecture will display growing isomorphism with your business architecture.

But how does willhaben's 'maneuver' look like in detail? Michael will talk about the Whole Team Approach chosen by willhaben, considerations regarding the Domain Model, the Technical Split they undergo, involved KPIs as well as organisational issues and constraints in general. He will dig into learnings and talk about remaining challenges.

Now, as mentioned, the brave man in the middle of our crossfire of questions will be Michael Osl. Michael has joined Austria's largest online classifieds marketplace willhaben about a year ago as a Senior Software Architect. Overall, Michael has more than 15 years of experience in IT and with web based systems. Besides his interest in Software Architecture and Microservices, he currently is preparing for his next big project: Becoming father of a little daughter.

We are looking forward to meet you, Michael and celebrate a bit with you!
Expect an extended welcome reception BEFORE the talk - with some free drinks AND (tata!) a few Riesenpartybretzel. So show up early to eat, drink, meet people and network!

18:00 Welcome Reception
19:00 Michael Osl - willhaben's Inverse Conway Maneuver

Thank you RIAT for hosting and serving us!
Thank you S-IT, trigo and willhaben for sponsoring all event costs!

Last but not least, you bet, our sponsors would love to hire YOU! :-)


We are looking forward to this event!
Martin, Angela, Gottfried, Fabian, Andy, Paul, Daniel, Hans and Christoph.