GraphQL at scale with Graphpack and offline first with Redux saga

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This time two experienced React developers are sharing their solutions for real-world problems in back-end communication: Glenn Reyes, an experienced frontend engineer and speaker from Vienna and Adam Terlson, lead Mobile Engineer at Internations. Jetbrains is our host, sponsoring drinks & food. This is a joint meetup of the React and GraphQL meetups.

1. Building tools for GraphQL (Glenn Reyes, Freelancer from Austria)
2. Mobile first with Redux Saga (Adam Terlson, Internations)

7 pm open doors - food & drinks

1. Building tools for GraphQL (7.30pm)
Speaker: Glenn Reyes (freelance front-end engineer)

Glenn is a freelance React Front-End Engineer from Vienna, Austria.

Adopting GraphQL can be fairly demanding and it takes some time to find the right tooling setup. What can we do to improve DX and supercharge our GraphQL development? Let's deep-dive into the future of GraphQL tooling with Graphpack that helps us building GraphQL at scale.

2. Mobile first with Redux Saga (8.30pm)
Speaker: Adam Terlson (Internations)

Adam is the lead Mobile Engineer at Internations, a global social network for expats. He and his team developed the Internations React Native App and many of their learnings apply to all React developers - both for the web and mobile - how to deal with offline periods and synchronization, action cancellation.

Building mobile first is hard, whether a PWA, mobile website, or with React Native. Why? The mobile world is full of side effects and mobile-first UI requirements place high demands on our code and skills as developers. The need arises for a tool that can handle the complexity of mobile first apps. Redux Saga has proven worthy and can be easy to understand and apply.