Reading Plato -- Plato's Meno (Meeting #1)

Reading Plato
Reading Plato
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Hey all. (Platonists?)

For our first meeting, I thought it would be a nice mix of easy reading and interesting philosophy to start with Plato's Meno.

Plato's Meno, for those new to Plato (and those who aren't), is a dialogue concerning the nature of Knowledge. It's contextualized by Socrates' interlocutor, Meno, within a larger discussion regarding ethics--can virtue, a state of moral excellence, be taught?

I thought it might be a good way of getting to know each other.


Nothing out of the ordinary: please, of course, read the dialogue and prepare some content for group discussion--questions, insights, feedback, general talking points.

The meeting itself should be an hour-long (thereabouts), and the general style will be egalitarian (i.e., the floor will be open to everyone, and depending on how many are in attendance, I may have to moderate).

We'll make some brief introductions to start, and then jump into a discussion.


There a number of great translations out there.

I actually have my own translation of the text, with commentary, which I'll link here as a Google doc. It's a very rough (and recent) draft. I'd very much so appreciate your giving it a read and offering feedback:

My personal favorite is G.M.A. Grube's.
Here's a link to the complete works of Plato:

Looking forward to speaking with all of you!


The meeting will be online (a Zoom link will be provided), and I would be open to having a physical meeting (e.g., in Bryant Park) depending on whether that would be possible for all attending.