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This is an excellent opportunity to network with individuals who actively deal in all facets of real estate including: investment purchase, rehab, flip and selling of residential & commercial properties. Experienced and first time real estate investors, landlords, contractors, insurance & real estate agents/brokers, and mortgage professionals are welcome. This is also an excellent opportunity for retail buyers. Many homes are available through the group that are priced below market value and are great for first time home buyers, those that are credit challenged or that person that knows how to find a good deal. This both an on-line community and off-line community. Right now, there is no charge for access to the message board and certain on-line only events. Please feel free to POST any Questions that our group can answer for you. This is an excellent resource for you.

We do offer on-line and off-line courses, seminars and meetings on a variety of topics. All events are designed to provide networking opportunities as well as practical hands-on information. We are committed to providing information, not "selling from the pulpit". Some events have a fee, and some are free to paid members.

Paid membership is just $50 per year for two people for one group, and $100 per year for two people for 3 groups...paid members get FREE access to most events, and reduced fee access for specialized events. To learn more, contact Bryan Young at 314-496-3867 or

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