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Leisure Bike "WheelTurning"­­ Session
Hi Folks ... Let's MeetUp and have a Leisure 7-10 Click FunFilled "Pedaling Adventure" starting from the CenterPoint Mall in North York along the many beautiful Nature BikeTrails we are blessed with in Toronto !! C'mon now - be a good Sport ~ LoL /xD :) Please advise by Posting below for the same as per for your most suitable/preferred Dates and Times ~ Even for your own Location, if Not the same as suggested above, especially at anywhere in North York area ... And --- Most of All let's have a Grand Time ToGether !! :) If it is raining - we will ReSchedule until a Further Notice for a Later Date ! Regardless any Members can still go, if they so wish ... For ID I will be waving a small Canuck Flag at the above MeetUp location ... See you there for a FunTastic MeetUp Adventure !! :) Followed by a "Meet&Mingle" Party at many available Spots in the neighborhood, if the Members so wish !! ============================================= This MeetUp is running DAILY at 11:00am Every Day, depending about the WeatherMan !! Please ~ RSVP Only for the Date(s) On which you are planning to Attend by Posting your Preferred Date Below <> So we know to be at the Meeting Place in Time ! Let's have a FunFilled Leisure "SlowPoke" WheelTurning Session !! NOTE: Consider this MeetUp CANCELLED, UNLESS we get at least THREE or more Firm RSVP's ... Anyone can still go if they so wish as I usually will NOT Attend unless we get at least THREE or more Firm RSVP's for any Group Outing, but will let you know 12 hours before the actual Outing, if I WILL Attend ... exe*Cute*

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Welcome to REAL FRIENDS.

REAL FRIENDS is a group for Real People, seeking Real Friendships!

REAL FRIENDS MISSION: is to help foster and create Real Friendships with Real People while having Real FUN!

Building solid friendships is definitely one of the keys to happiness, and Toronto is a great city to create those enduring friendships! Part of the charm of this city is the warm and friendly people that have made Toronto their home. No matter what hobbies or interests you have, you can always find great local events in which you can become involved.

We strive to host enjoyable Meetup events at popular locations that are both conveniently accessible and affordable. Discover something new and meet some wonderful people while attending a concert or festival, watching a flick at the cinema, visiting an art gallery or museum, relaxing at a pub, dining out at a popular restaurant, or hitting the trails at one of the city’s parks.

This group is open to singles, couples, anyone from all walks of life who wants to meet and build friendships with kind, life-affirming people, such as yourself. You must be an adult to join this group based on the legal laws pertaining to the province, state or place in the world you reside. In Ontario, adults are currently legally anyone 18 years old or older.

As a group, REAL FRIENDS is what you make it! You can contribute to the success of our group by providing us with feedback and suggestions. If you have any ideas for future events, please let us know as we are constantly finding ways to improve our events and to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated! This is your opportunity to share your thoughts and to support one another in an environment based on trust, openness and reciprocity.

Authentic connections with supportive friends enhance life in countless ways. So Let’s Meetup and help bring out the best in each one of us! Let’s Have A FunTastic Time Together!

We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

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