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What we’re about can utilize this site to organize and update meetups in the Austin area. We always welcome visiting Redditors from other cities at our events! \

So what do we do at meetups?
the r/Austin subreddit is a place of diverse characters. Here is where we can build and strengthen our community, by putting faces to the stories and opinions online. We discuss events current and relevant to our fair city, create contacts that may benefit you in life and work, and find out what matters to us as Austinites and how we can work to create a better city. I believe that even the smallest efforts, when coming from positivity, can create huge changes. \

We only have three rules.
1. Don't be a Dick!
2. Do not post photos or personal information to reddit without permission.
3. No sales pitches or gratuitous self-promotion without permission from a host.

How You Can Help

1. Be welcoming and compassionate. Introduce yourself to new people, and introduce those new people to other new people! Meeting people who are of a different mindset can be tremendously valuable when your ears, heart, and mind are open. Making friends takes effort and consistency. Just showing up regularly is half the battle.

2. Suggest ideas for how to make the group and events better, and volunteer to be a greeter, a co-host, or organizer. All members are welcome to take advantage of the group and its thousands of members to create their own events. Simply message Brooks, the page organizer with your idea and he will help you set up your event for free!