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This is a group for people who have had experiences with psychedelics, entheogens, or sacred plant medicines to come together, share their experiences, and find like-minded community. It is also a space for those who have not yet had these experiences but are curious, and want to learn more. Given that the group is new and still small, the structure is rather informal. I am totally open to designing each meeting based on the needs and interests of group members. I am also open to it being a co-creative process! Some ideas I have for meeting topics and activities include:
- Intentional space to share about experiences and get support.
- Activities that may help with integration or exploring altered states (without substances) including art-making, conscious movement, nature-based exploration, mindfulness practices, etc. Embodied exercises that help people deepen their relationship with their inner landscape, and learn to navigate abstract spaces
- Education around safe and effective use of psychedelics, the emerging culture of psychedelic-assisted therapy for personal growth and healing, shamanic origins of entheogenic use, etc.
- Creating ceremony/ ritual as a way to become familiar with intentional space-setting and prayer
- Sharing safe and legal resources
- Presentations about different substances and lineages and what to take in to consideration if considering pursuing any of these
- General discussion on metaphysics, inter-dimensionality, transcendence, etc.
- Demos about different techniques that can help enhance an experience such as the use of music, body work, etc.
- Thinking about the implications of psychedelic insights, and envisioning how we might apply these insights to make a more beautiful world: creating art, protecting nature, giving back to community, etc.

...There are many possibilities!

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